Ripplefire Overview

Ripplefire is an Enterprise & Agency focused solution for managing, promoting and tracking social video content. Large organizations have different needs than the average YouTuber. We deliver advanced tools that show value and connect your stakeholders to what's happening with their videos.

Social Video that Works for the Enterprise

Designed for Agencies and Enterprises that want a lot from their video strategy.

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Ripplefire Enterprise Workflows

Our focus is to save you time while increasing the value and insight you get from seeing your audiences engage with and share your content.

A better way to manage social video content

When you register with Ripplefire you will need to authorize you TubeChannel(s) (or Vimeo) to sync with Ripplefire. This will basically replicate all of of your video profiles and information into Ripplefire. All of your historical video stats and data will be pulled in too. This may take up to 24 hours for organizations with a large number of video files.


Once Ripplefire has pulled all of your video information down from YouTube you will be able to:

  • Run and track promotions of your videos
  • Create relevant groups to organize your videos
  • Set user access for who can see what videos and reports
  • Create reports for specific video groups
  • Download raw metrics data for video consumption that harmonizes views and social media engagement
  • Re-upload and link videos with replacement videos
  • Edit video information (title, description, key words

Your video sync will run every day and pull in any new metrics data or videos you have uploaded. If you choose, you can also upload and promote new videos directly from Ripplefire into YouTube (vimeo) and your social media services (twitter, facebook, linkedin, tumblr, blogger).

This approach provides an efficient, time-saving way to manage your social video content.

Advanced User Management & Security

Many enterprises have a multitude of internal stakeholders and clients. The Social Media Team needs to be able to segment social video content by different internal stakeholder groups.

Plainly put, the Technical Support Team does not really need to have a access to the Marketing Team’s videos, stats and promotional details. And vice versa.

This is especially true when it comes to organizations with 1000s of videos. If an internal client has 50 videos they are responsible for...they should see 50 videos when they log into Ripplefire. They will still get to see all of the necessary details about their videos. They just won't see all of the videos that aren't relevant to them. Much better.

This covers reports, uploads, views, promotions and even creating users (all optional). So your internal clients and stakeholders have as much control over their videos as they need.

Run Video Promotions to Drive Discovery

Part of what makes any social video successful is pushing it into your audiences. Like the ones you engage across Twitter, Facebook, Facebook groups, Linkedin, Linkedin Groups, Blogger and Tumblr.

Ripplefire focuses in on the key social media systems that align with the enterprise. It enables you to systematize the syndication and distribution of your social videos.


In a couple of words...Audience Building, Engagement & Tracking

  • Take any video and create a promotion (post) out to your active social hubs like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.
  • Post to multiple Facebook Groups (300) or Linkedin Groups (50)
  • Schedule multiple promotions to occur in the future. Like tweeting a new video once a week for the next 3 weeks. Or scheduling a number of posts to occur at the time of a press release.
  • Email & Track: send an email with a newly posted video to hundreds or thousands of people on a list. Ripplefire will track who opens & views your video.

Create & Distribute Advanced Reports

Reporting is a key function of Ripplefire. It harmonizes your social video metrics across Youtube and all of your social media hubs. It enables you to create cool custom reports and schedule their distribution to select User Groups within Ripplefire.

This means that the people that are spending the bucks to create videos are also getting direct access to the reports showing how successful their videos are being received.

Reporting functionality is rich and deep:

  • Create & schedule reports to be daily, weekly, monthly etc.
  • Create adhoc video groups (like the ones associated with a campaign) and assciated reports in a couple of clicks
  • Raw data downloads in Excel (covers, videos, social promotions and everything else)
  • Email distribution to specific Ripplefire users
  • Email distribution with security tokens for non-Ripplefire users
  • Unlimited reports can be generated
  • View social promotions & efficacy coupled with video momentum on the same screen

Our Customers

YouTube is the center of our video strategy and we need more reporting features to meet our internal needs. Ripplefire does this. Abe Telford
We were spending hours and hours on reports every month. That is all automated now. Huge time saver.Kristi Englehutt

Ripplefire Pricing

We have a number of pricing options that should meet your needs and budget. That being said we would love to speak with you directly. After you've registered for an account simple complete our contact form or call us direct at:
1-613-216-9757 ext 100.


TRIAL15 days

  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Promotions
  • Unlimited Reporting
  • Email & Phone Support



  • Up to 200 Videos (Auto Upgrades)
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Promotions
  • Unlimited Reporting
  • Email & Phone Support



  • For Every 1000 Videos (Auto Upgrades)
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Promotions
  • Unlimited Reporting
  • Email & Phone Support

Big Enterprise


  • Over 5000 Videos
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Promotions
  • Unlimited Reporting
  • Email & Phone Support